Pop! Vinyl Star Wars - Stormtrooper Futura with Pop Protector

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Funko Pop! Vinyl Star Wars - Stormtrooper Futura with Pop! Protector #296

They're the worst aim in the galaxy, allowing essentially ever hero in the Star Wars saga to escape due to their inability to hit a target three feet in front of them. Yes Stormtroopers may be terrible at their job, however one thing that's certainly not terrible is Funko's new Stormtrooper Futura Pop! Vinyl Figure.

Known for their white armour, this Stormtrooper has been given a fancy new look that looks like he's had an encounter with Mr. Squiggle (he's the man from the Moon after all), designed by acclaimed artist Futura. Oh and did we mention he comes with a special Pop! Protector?! 

Special Packaging: Hard Pop! Protector and shrink wrap